worship gatherings

***FROM SEPTEMBER THROUGH DECEMBER, WE WILL BE WORSHIPING WITH OUR FRIENDS AT NEW COVENANT CHURCH on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 1:30pm | New Covenant Church/Nuevo Pacto

Let’s be honest—the concept of “worship” seems a bit outdated. Yet the truth is, we all worship something.

Worship is simply the act of giving ultimate worth to something—it could be a career, another person, or the almighty dollar. At The Story, we believe the God of scandalous love revealed in Jesus holds ultimate worth. Gathering together for worship reminds us of God’s goodness and calibrates our hearts to remember our place in God’s story.

You don’t have to be at a place where you give Jesus ultimate worth in your life to join us on Sundays. These worship gatherings are a safe space for anyone to check out what The Story is all about. As we meet, we’ll celebrate what God is doing in our communities through songs and readings, intentionally invest in our youth and children, share community struggles for the purpose of prayer and support, and learn together through teaching and dialogue.

No matter who you are or what you believe, you’re welcome here.

The Story has a specific calling to love and serve the Powderhorn neighborhood in south Minneapolis, which is why we host our worship gatherings in Powderhorn. Whether you live in Powderhorn or not, we’d love to have you be part of our community.*

*A quick note: worship gatherings aren’t meant to be a substitute for neighborhood collectives. In fact, if you had to choose between regular involvement in the worship gatherings or a neighborhood collective, we would urge you to pick the neighborhood collective. In a larger group of people, it is simply impossible to grow into the people Jesus calls us to be in the most meaningful ways. Ultimately, The Story hits on all cylinders when worship gatherings and neighborhood collectives work hand-in-hand—with the worship gatherings serving as a vehicle for support, encouragement, celebration, and equipping.