Why The Story?

There is a story being written all around us.

Within us.

Through us.

It is a story that reaches back to the beginning of time and stretches forward into eternity.
Ultimately, it is a story of Love.
A story of a God who created out of an overflow of divine love.

A story of a God who empowered his beloved creation with the freedom to choose to love in return, or not.

A story of a God whose fierce love caused him to enter the story as one of us—to bring healing and restoration to the wounds and brokenness of our own stories.

A story of a creation that will one day experience healing and restoration on a truly cosmic scale.

A story in which we’re invited to play a very real part.

At The Story, we celebrate the beauty in each individual’s story.

And we embrace the invitation to discover a fullness of life as we enter more fully into God’s breathtaking story of love and restoration.

Find your place in the Story.


If you’re curious how the Bible recounts this story, you can find more on that HERE.