defining “church”

While The Story is a church, the word church carries a lot of unhelpful baggage. It can create a barrier for those who wouldn’t call themselves followers of Jesus, and it can pose an even bigger problem for those who do. Here’s why:
In our culture, we often associate church with a building, an hour on Sunday, or a set of beliefs assuring you that you’re good to go when you die (as long as you agree with them). None of that is at the heart of what the church was intended to be.
Instead, the Bible seems to portray the church as a movement of people united around one thing: Jesus. As the early church took shape, it looked far more like a revolution than an institution.
Yet the early church was unlike any other revolutionary movement because it didn’t resort to violence; in fact, it rejected violence at every turn. Unlike anything seen before or since, this was a revolution birthed out of radical love. The church didn’t want to see its opponents crushed. It was willing to die for its enemies rather than fight back in retaliation. And the earliest followers of Jesus believed the way they loved and served everyone would be the key to reconciliation and moving God’s healing movement forward in this world.
That is what The Story is all about. We want to be a part of that movement.