community table

We host the Community Table at 10am on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month at the Powderhorn Park Rec Center. We’d love to have you join us!

The Community Table is built on several foundational beliefs:

The richest conversations happen around a table.


We become more fully human not in isolation but in connection with others.


We best flourish, grow and expand in our understanding of ourselves and our world through dialogue. 


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Our desire at The Story is to create a space where we can discuss topics that really matter—in our lives and in our communities—believing that the more we learn with each other and from each other, the more our world will experience healing and restoration.


Yes, The Story is a faith community. But there is no prerequisite belief system necessary to participate in these conversations. In fact, the greater the diversity around the table, the healthier our dialogue will be. Our desire is to facilitate the Community Table in a manner that makes space around the table for all, no matter your beliefs or background. From the very beginning of The Story, we have embraced the way one sentence from the Bible declares what God hopes to see from us: that we would be people who work for justice, extend mercy to all, and walk with humility.


No matter how you identify spiritually, hopefully we can all rally around the values of holding our faith and beliefs humbly, extending mercy in our posture towards each other (rather than judgment or condemnation), and all with the goal of bringing about justice and reconciliation in our world.


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