We love kids.
TheStoryEaster2016-03In fact, from the very beginning of The Story’s journey nearly half of our attenders have been under the age of 18! Our goal at The Story is to provide environments where our kids can connect with God’s Story, learn to love like Jesus and make a difference in their world.
Our children are important members of our community—from them, we learn about things like wonder, trust, innocence, courage and authenticity. They teach us so much! We believe that their presence with the rest of the church during times of worship is vital—both because of the energy and enthusiasm they bring and because they can observe adults model what it means to worship for them.
But when we enter times of focused teaching or dialogue aimed at an older audience, we bless and send our kids (5th grade and younger) to a separate space where they will receive teaching and participate in activities appropriate to their age and stage of life.
Every week, in addition to the lesson, there is a memory verse that the children will learn. If they can recite that verse from memory at a future gathering, they will receive a coin for The Story Kids Shop. Coins can be saved and spent towards items of their choosing. To view the current memory verse (and past memory verses), click HERE.
If you have any questions or would like more information about volunteering with our kids, please feel free to reach out to Kali Johnson—our Kids Ministry Director—at