The term “thin places” has Celtic roots and has been used by Christians for centuries to describe places where the distance between heaven (God’s realm) and earth (our realm) is almost non-existent. “Heaven and earth,” the Celtic saying goes, “are only three feet apart, but in thin places that distance is even shorter.” Sometimes we know immediately when we are in a thin place; other times, we realize it only in hindsight. Below is an ongoing conversation about our stumbling pursuit of Jesus, our experiences of his surprising grace and our encounters with—and as!—those thin places along the way.

20 Dec Faithful Presence

  Following up on Sunday's message on Faithful Presence, Matt offers further thoughts on how faithful presence is at the heart of discipleship. We also look ahead to the launch of discipleship training groups in January! Listen below:   [audio mp3=""][/audio]...

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16 Nov Hope and Lament

photo-1437518097749-7528175bc170 Donald Trump is the President-elect of the United States. That is a sentence that would've been unthinkable to literally every American just a few short years ago. But it is our reality. Many see it as some bizarro comic book reality come to life: evil billionaire becomes leader of the free world. Others see it as the best path towards restoring America's "glory days." American Christians fall everywhere along the spectrum of responses. As a follower of Jesus, I've found myself wondering what faithful witness and faithful presence looks like in light of our post-election reality. A few thoughts:
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12 Oct The Great Omission

At our last worship gathering, we discussed the thread that will be woven into the fabric of this upcoming season in the life of The Story, the thread that will hold us together and move us forward as a church: discipleship. I know, I know...

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14 Sep A Letter to My Church Family

Ministry has a way of revealing our brokenness, weaknesses, failures and blind spots in a way few other things can. And over the past two years, I’ve learned that church planting highlights those cracks exponentially. One of the benefits the reprieve summer offers from the...

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07 Sep Leveraging the Season

As I mentioned in our worship gathering on Sunday, it has been scientifically proven that fall is the best time of the year. Specifically, Minnesota boasts a fall season that is unparalleled by what any other geographic location or season can offer. It’s simply the...

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